Make a Bullseye With a New Dartboard

Browse our dartboards for sale in Rochester, MN

You can't miss when you buy a dartboard from Family Fun Center. We have plenty of dartboards for sale in all different styles and sizes. You can find something for amateurs and experienced dart players alike. We have steel-tip bristle boards and soft-tip boards.

You can get a dart board that:

  • Talks to you using a voiceover
  • Includes a lot of accessories
  • Connects to Bluetooth so you can play with people all over the world
  • Displays a laser line to mark where you stand

Come to our store in Rochester, MN today to check out our dartboards for sale.

Purchase an electronic dartboard for your game room

Want to make darts even more fun? Buy an electronic dartboard. These dartboards make it easy for you to keep score when playing darts. You won't have to worry about chalk getting smeared and arguing over who won. Our dartboard brands are Gran Board and Arachnid. We offer three models of Arachnid dartboards- 650, 800 and 900. You can also get dartboard cabinets from us.

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